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Monthly Wine Subscription Package

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Choose your Monthly Wine Subscription Package here.


Please note the monthly wine subscription package will be charged to your stored credit card automatically every month by default (If you have tick on Auto Renewal upon first monthly wine subscription package purchase); you can cancel or change the subscription package at anytime.

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Please use a personal headshot portrait for the profile picture.

Subscription Packages

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DISCOVERY by GV is our latest offering of a wine subscription plan due to strong demand from our loyal customers. Delight in a monthly, fuss-free delivery of 2 bottles of wines sent to your doorstep when you sign up for any three of our Wine Subscription plan.


The three packages range from $108 per month, for the amateur wine lover who has just started on his or her wine journey, to $338 per month for the serious wine lover who would like more complexity in his or her wines.



Subscription Plan Overview


The three packages varies in price to meet your budget as well as your taste preference.


Explore - $108 monthly fee

(2 bottles per month)


Apprentice - $208 monthly fee

(2 bottles per month)


Connoisseur - $338 monthly fee

(2-3 bottles per month)